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Audio Producer

In the realm of audio products, Christopher Harding has served as a producer, engineer, executive producer, and/or co-creator of numerous projects. Included in his list of accomplishments in this area is the then ground-breaking surround sound audio magazine, The Omni Audio Experience, which was produced in collaboration with Omni Magazine, held #1 and #2 on the Publisher's Weekly Best Seller's List simultaneously, and was inducted into the American Museum of Broadcasting History as a permanent exhibit. In addition, the print and radio direct marketing campaign, which Harding co-created for the products, generated the single largest direct response from such a campaign in the history of Omni Magazine.

Additional audio projects Chris provided his talents for include: Bruce Williams - An Insider's Report based on the NBC Radio Talkshow Host's top rated program; Time Power, based on corporate trainer Charles Hobbs' best selling book; and Realizations based on the popular book by well respected business consultant William Guillory, Ph.D.