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Christopher Harding

Luminary Entertainment Group, Inc.

Phone: (801) 913-5970   

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Business Consultant / Media Producer

Since 1998, have worked under the umbrella of my organizations Luminary Entertainment Group, Inc. and Luminary Communications, spearheading a number of film, music, and television enedeavors including serving as the CEO for MondSpine.com a paradigm-breaking Web 3.0 Internet architecture. Also work closely with leading training and coaching organizations as a top-rated senior consultant and executive coach for major global corporations.

Starting in 1985, created and implemented the strategies and visions for new divisions, products, programs, and departments for BIC, a media and communications conglomerate. Gained significant experience as a manager, producer, and project manager in entertainment, television, film, video, music, audio, Internet, and CD ROM acquisition, development, production, and distribution. Eventually served as General Manager and Executive Vice President of BWE. the company’s Los Angeles-based entertainment division and President of BWE Distribution, Inc. its international distribution arm.

Developed strengths in marketing, forming strategic alliances, development, team building, P&L management, joint ventures, and sales. Have additionally been involved in the development of an on-line training and coaching site and spearheaded the beginning phases of development for an upcoming Internet portal.

Have an unusual ability to create an atmosphere of trust, safety, and respect that leads to optimized results. Through in-depth listening and by way of my own training and personal experiences, have gained the understanding and expertise required to train, facilitate, and coach individuals to realize their visions and transform their ideas and potential into sales-and-profit-generating products, services, and businesses.


Luminary Communications & Luminary Entertainment Group, Inc.

Created company in 1998 to house my own consulting, training, entertainment, and media activities. Since that time, the projects I have participated and the role I have played in include:

· Served as Executive Producer on the large format motion picture Stephen Hawking's Beyond the Horizon

· Served as start-up CEO and a lead conceptual designer with the founders of MondoSpine.com, an emerging online web aggregator that provides the technology and collaborative model needed to facilitate a new level of collaboration between merchants and users

· Co-developed and co-produced a specialized Intranet training site for athenaonline.com

· Initial development of a multi-media enterprise (web, cable, retail) called mynewworld.com. (sold to London-based company).

· Designed, presented, co-presented, coached and facilitated hundreds of seminars and workshops in business and creative-related fields to Fortune 100 companies and others (including Merck Pharmaceutical, Amgen, Anheuser Busch, Chevron-Texaco, Dow Chemical, Intel, Northrop Grumman, Texas Instruments, American Express, CMS Energy, Nova Chem, the U.S. Air Force and more).

· Senior consultant, training, coaching, facilitation, and program development specialties have included Leadership Training, Conflict Resolution, Results-Driven Problem Solving, Managing and Leveraging Diversity, Empowerment, Media Awareness and Preparation, as well as Creativity and Innovation.

· Served as board member for The Center for Creativity and Inquiry, a non-profit organization that develops and experimented with new training programs.

· Provided consulting and program and product design services to Quma Learning, a national training organization.

BWE Distribution, Incorporated, a Division of BIC

Promoted in 1995 to start and manage a new business unit to acquire, create, develop, produce, market, sell and distribute feature films, television movies, home video programs, and music CDs to mainstream networks and through domestic and international distribution. Served as Executive Vice President/General Manager of domestic division and President of international division. Accomplishments included:

· Recruited, hired, and directed a management team of proven, respected industry executives.

· Oversaw the development and production of an extensive global web site/e-commerce site for the marketing, promotion, and sale of movie, home video, and music products and programs.

· Provided 12 movies to the networks by year two, of which five became the highest rated movies of the year.

· Oversaw the creation of an active, growing home video company, which was regarded by Video Magazine as “a company to watch.”

· Set up and supervised a growing record label including the album, Sketches, which hit #1 on the new age radio charts.

· Acquired the WonderWorks film/video library and trademark from WQED/PBS; re-packaged, re-promoted, re-marketed, and distributed the line to schools, libraries, and video stores.

· Co-developed and executive produced Disney’s Summer of the Monkeys, which became the #1 rental movie for limited release theatrical films. Co-developed and executive produced Coming Unglued for the Fox Family Channel.

· Executive produced the Canadian Brass PBS Special which became the highest rated television special of the year according to PBS.

· Projects won many awards (Emmy Award, Oscar, two Christopher Awards, American Museum of Broadcasting History, Columbus International Film Festival, and the Environmental Media Association award).

BPG, a division of BIC

Promoted in 1988 to start and manage a new division, BPG, to acquire, develop, produce, market, sell and license film, television, home video and CD ROM programs and products. P&L responsibility. Some of the highlights during my tenure included:

· Within less than a year, produced the company’s first national home video program. Sold, co-created and produced the company’s first nationally syndicated entertainment special for Johnson & Johnson. Over the next three years, created and produced six network entertainment specials for ABC-TV and Walt Disney as well as two nationally syndicated specials and a nationally released home video.

· Executive Produced the highest rated movie of 1995 for CBS TV, The Christmas Box, starring Maureen O’Hara. Won many awards including an Emmy Award, the Christopher Award and a Humanitas Award.

· Led the company into dramatic movie production for television. Executive Produced the company’s first dramatic television movie, City Boy, for the Disney Channel and PBS. Won numerous awards.

· Co-developed, co-wrote, produced and directed several cutting edge interactive CD-ROM learning programs for a major training company.

· Found and acquired literary and properties to be developed into films. Negotiated option prices and deals. Wrote and presented (internally and externally) numerous business plans and proposals for projects.

BMC, a division of BIC

Recruited in 1985 to start a new organization to create, develop, produce, package and market upbeat audio and specialty video products, primarily audio and video books.

· Created and successfully marketed new products. Formed joint ventures. Co-produced Time Power with Daytimer. Co-created and produced the Omni Audio Experience with sci-fi leader, Omni Magazine, which held the #1 and #2 slots on the Publishers Weekly Bestseller’s list and won induction into the American Museum of Broadcasting History.

· Established national distribution into all major bookstore chains as well as independents. Set up in-roads into direct markets and catalogs as well as into the radio and television infomercial markets.

· Created, co-wrote and published a quarterly industry trade newsletter, which was later released as a newsletter on audiotape, one of the first of its kind.

Earlier employment

· Started a talent development and management company that provided business management, production services, promotional guidance, songwriting collaboration and other services to promising entertainment talent.

· Wrote and produced TV and radio jingles. Scored numerous industrial films.

· Created and ran a national trucking and transportation service.


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